Everything you need to know about the UV Blacklight Torch

About The UV Blacklight

So, having a realistic night sky on your roof isn’t enough for you? Our UV black light torch will make your Star Orbs glow brighter for longer. Of course, Star Orbs are naturally charged by the light bulbs in your room, but if you are looking for that extra shimmer, the UV black light torch is for you.


Do I need a black light to charge the star orbs or glow paint?

No, you can charge them with sunlight and/or room lights. But a UV black light will charge them faster, make them glow brighter and for longer. You’ll also be able to see the different colours much clearer.

Is it safe?

Yes, but please keep out of reach of children. The ultra-violet light may cause damage if it’s shined directly into someone’s eyes.

The most realistic glow-in-the-dark stars available.

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