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About Glodio

Why we do it

Stars make us feel peaceful because they are a rare constant in our lives. When we were young we would look up at the stars and dream of being older.

As that wish came true, it was under these same stars that we ran around with their friends during hot summer nights and perhaps even had our first kiss. Stars are like magical guardians that watch over us, make us feel safe, and remind us not to take ourselves too seriously – after all, they have been around for millions of years and any mistakes we make in life are entirely insignificant to them.

See, that’s how you do romance people. Buy some StarOrbs in exchange for that warm fuzzy feeling you’re getting now, and then you’ll have the night sky inside also. We’re literally selling the night sky. Well, not literally.

We were like you once. We stuck star stickers to the roof when we were young, and fell asleep under the weird green glow that kind of looked like stars. Through some fog…and smoke…if stars were green.

As you fall asleep with StarOrbs, it will be under a comforting glow and, using your own personalised star map, you can watch the same constellation that looked down on you when you stayed out late for the very first time.

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Glodio StarOrbs in Action