Calm Bedtime Routines for Children

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child sleeping

Bedtime can be fraught with tension for both the child and parent, but your presence alone can sooth your child into drowsiness.😴

Exactly what you do before bedtime is a mix of personal preference and practicality. Your routine might include a bath, brushing teeth, putting on pajamas, reading together, talking or saying a prayer. What matters most is ensuring the routine is soothing and consistent. Once you have a plan, write it down and share it with your kids (see our troubleshooting tips for more on this).  Click here for: 14 Tips and predictable routines that will help ready your child for slumber

Sometimes the best thing a parents can do for their children to sleep better is to simply relax. 😪❤️

The same bedtime routine allows our brains and bodies to recognise the cues to transition into sleep.💤

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