8 Ways to Turn Your Kids Room Into an Oasis for Sleep

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Room for kids and teenagers with wooden shelfs.

What’s better than having a kid?

Answer: having a well-rested kid. The unconditional love for your child will only grow stronger if they approach you smiling in the morning, not glass-eyed in the middle of the night.

That’s why turning their room into a sleep-oasis is so important. Your kids room should be a place for both fun and rest. But is that combo even possible?

A kids room should be their favourite space. A place for them to play, imagine and sleep peacefully. Check out 8 ways to create a fun kids room.

Of course it is. Here’s how:

1. Treat The Kids Room Like the Living Room

Don’t take that literally – entertaining guests in your child’s room could get awkward. Especially if your daughter is having a teddy tea party at the same time you have friends or family coming over.

You do, however, want to make your child’s room an interesting place for them to be. Putting thought and effort your child’s room design will pay off in lots of ways.

An attractive room you’ve spent time decorating, with them mind, will be much more appealing to your child than a plain, functional bedroom. Kids love to spend time in places that are engaging.

Which means less times you’ll hear “I’m bored”.

And that might just bring about a higher chance of sleep. Think about ways you can design now to create a more sleepy future. It’ll be well worth the effort.

2. Pick a Theme

Consider what your child’s interests are. Do they have a favorite animal or activity? Try orienting the design of your child’s room to their favorite things.

Check out these wallpapers that are crafted specifically for children.

The goal here is to make your room an exciting place for your child to be. If you can hit on a theme that your child enjoys, they’ll be happy to spend more time there.

The more time they spend there in the late hours of the day, the more likely they’ll be to slide into bed when you ask them to.

If wallpaper isn’t your ideal choice, don’t worry. There are other ways to engage your kid’s interests.

3. Craft a Cool Design

Your child might not have a one-word favorite thing. In that case, you should think more generally about what you can do to interest them in the room.

Many engaging designs are being created by companies with the exact intent of making kids more interested in sleep. One of our most popular products is the StarOrbs system.

This light display goes on the ceiling above a bed, where your child looks as they try to sleep. It’s at once a nightlight and a calming recreation of the night sky.

It’s a perfect way for your child to be just distracted enough to forget they’re supposed to be falling asleep. It’s just soothing enough that they will eventually fall asleep.

4. Paint with Soothing Colors

You might prefer to keep things simple. In that case, you should choose wallpaper colors that are soothing.

A lot of science has been dedicated to understanding what colors calm us and which energize us. Blues and purples are often good for calming environments. Red is a good color for an exercise room, or restaurant–probably not good for your kid.

Check out a list of potential colors that you could paint your kids room. Once you’ve got the walls decided, you can move onto the other spaces in the room.

5. Install a Soundsystem

Installing a high-def sound-system could be a reasonable option for you. If it’s not, a speaker can do the same trick.

Consider what a child might like to hear while going to bed. It could be white noise or an audiobook. Whatever it is, playing it for twenty minutes could greatly help your child go to sleep.

6. Keep Space Organized

If you want your kids room to be exciting enough for them to hang out there, you’ll need more than just a bed. That doesn’t mean you need to have a massive room for your child.

What it does mean, however, is that you need space for your child to do other things than sleep in your room. One method of creating that space is to keep furniture and instruments small in general.

You want bang for your buck. Consider implementing any of our space-efficient products. They can be effective while keeping your space open and orchestrated.

An organized space is calming late at night.

7. Cleanness Is Key

Cleanliness is a hot topic among many parent-child relationships. You may already know that a clean room can be settling for anybody, including a child. That means it can help induce sleep in your child.

If you and your child clean the room consistently, everyone will end up sleeping better. Beyond the benefits of having a clean room, simply avoiding stress about not having cleaned is reason enough to get out the broom and pick up some toys.

Your child might not be very receptive to your cleaning demands yet, but they are important. Tell them that science backs up this claim.

8. If Possible, Ask Your Child

It’s important to remember exactly who this room is for: your child. If possible you should get their opinion.

Ask them what they’d like to see in their room. They may give you some good ideas–maybe even ideas that will help them grow and mature. It’s also possible they’ll ask for candy machines in every corner.

You’re not obliged to follow the orders of a sugar-addicted kid. Ignore the suggestions if they’re out of the realm of possibilities, or interpret them in a more realistic way.

And, if your child is a baby, then it’s probably not worth asking them what they’d like at the moment. Try again in a few years.

It’s Time to Bring the Sleep

If your child is sleeping well, that means you’ll also sleep better.

Say goodbye to getting woken up every single night. Say hello to calm mornings with your kids. This way, sleep can make all the difference in a parent-child relationship.

Looking to make your kids bedroom their favorite place? Reach out to our team to better understand how what we offer can turn your kids room into a sleep oasis.

What are you waiting for? Good luck!

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