8 Boys Room Ideas That Will Make You the Coolest Mum Ever

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Boy with color samples and paint roller chooses the color of the walls of his room.

To young boys, it can sometimes seem like the most embarrassing thing in the world is their mum.

So when you’re trying to come up with cool boys room ideas, it can be difficult to come up with something that won’t leave your little bloke’s eyes rolling right out of his head.

It’s hard sometimes to know what boys find ‘cool’. Here are 8 boys room ideas that your son will love and will score you points as the ‘cool’ mum!

If you’re a mum who’s at her wit’s end trying to come up cool ideas for your son’s bedroom, don’t worry.

In this article, we’ll show you eight boys room themes that will give you the title of Coolest Mum Ever.😎

Let Their Voice Be Heard

Before you get into it, you do want to decorate your son’s bedroom in a way that you know he’ll love.

So, let him have a say. Brainstorm ideas with him. Clear out his room and let him throw out his craziest ideas!

They might not all be realistic, but it’s a guaranteed good time.

Invite him into your internet browsing session as you look for cool boys room ideas. Have him point out his favourite ideas.

Then, take him with you to shop for furniture and accessories. You should also let him choose paint colours.

Because remember–no matter how old or stubborn he is, at the end of the day, he’s the one that has to live with it.

That said, here are our top 8 ideas for the coolest boys room ideas!

1. A Splash of Colour

An easy way to make a room that your son will love is to use his favourite colours in the decor. But if you want to get some really cool boys room ideas, choosing cool colours isn’t going to be enough.

Kids love art. And if you want to blow your kid’s mind, include a section of the wall that your kids can draw on to their heart’s content.

chalkboard wall is another great way to let your little artist express himself–without permanently damaging your walls.

2. Get Wild

Is there anything kids love more than animals?

Give your son’s room a touch of the wild. Decorate it with animal prints, jungle-inspired decor, and natural looking furniture. You can even hang pictures of his favourite animals on the walls!

If your son has a lofted bed, decorate it like a treehouse. It will turn your son’s room into a jungle adventure that he’ll absolutely love.

3. Embrace Superheroes

There’s no escaping the deluge of superhero movies being thrust upon us. And chances are, your son is caught in the superhero fascination.

If your boy can’t stop playing Avengers with his friends and collecting Spider-man toys, don’t try to fight it. Give into his obsession with superheroes, and your mind will race with great boys room ideas.

Choose a colour palette based on his favourite character. Decorate the room like his choice superhero’s lair. Mini-Batcave, anyone?

You can even paint a mural featuring scenes from his favourite comic books!

And if you don’t want to go overboard, posters are always a simple and classic choice.

4. A Bit of Footy ⚽️

Is your little bloke a sports fanatic? If so, give him a bedroom that shows it.

Paint his room like a football pitch. Get some green bedding or sheets decorated with footballs. Hang some of his favourite jerseys on the wall as decoration.

You can even inspire him to keep his room clean by turning his hamper and toy boxes into goal posts.

And while you might not like him playing with balls in the house, plush balls can keep him from going stir-crazy.

5. Gone Camping ⛺️

Your boy might want to go camping every night. But pitching a tent in the outback isn’t the most realistic option, is it?

As a compromise, turn his room into his own camping adventure!

Build a permanent tent around his bed. Throw some critters around for decoration.

To really capture the feeling of a night in the wild, put some glow-in-the-dark stars on his ceiling to simulate a night under the night sky. They’re sure to inspire his imagination without keeping him up all night.

6. A Land of Whimsy

Every bedroom needs some furniture. A bed, a dresser, a toy chest, some lamps…

But no one ever said your son’s furniture had to be generic.

With a little time and some woodworking, you can create custom furniture to turn your son’s room into a whimsical land of fantasy.

Build larger-than-life cartoony furniture that seems to break the laws of physics. Paint a mural of his favourite cartoon characters with bold colours and patterns that pop.

Remember: your son’s room is his place to escape the mundane. Let your imagination–and his–run wild.

7. Planes, Trains, and Automobiles ✈️🚂 🚙

Is your kid obsessed with cars? Does he go into a trance when he sees trains, trucks or aeroplanes?

Then, turn his room into his very own transportation hub!

The racecar bed is a classic, but it might be a little played out at this point. So, take the concept even further…

Install a model train set to run throughout his room. Hang some model planes from the ceiling. You can even decorate his room like his own auto garage.

If your son has a penchant for nautical transportation, a pirate ship bed is sure to be a hit.

8. Lost in Space 👽 🔭

From the beauty of the twinkling to the sheer majesty of swirling galaxies, mankind has pondered at the night sky for centuries. And so naturally, gazing into space inspires some great boys room ideas.

Paint your own spacescapes with glow-in-the-dark paint. This paint is almost invisible in the daylight. But when you turn out the lights, your little bloke’s room turns into a swirl of galaxies and nebulas.

Build him a spaceship bed so he can explore the cosmos even while he sleeps.

To really catch his fancy, throw in some sci-fi elements. Add some robots and aliens to make an inspired playtime.

For older boys, vintage-inspired space travel posters can feed his fascination with the solar system without feeling too childlike.

Make Your Coolest Boys Room Ideas A Reality

Whatever your son’s passions, channeling them into his bedroom design is a surefire way to make a room he’ll love.

For more ideas on turning your son’s room into a cosmic wonderland, contact us today!

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