10 Kids Bedrooms That Are Fun and Functional

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Kids room in marine style with toys - 3d rendering

Are you searching for a unique design idea for your child’s bedroom?

You’ve come to the right place for great inspiration.

Childhood is a magical time when the best memories are made. Kids bedrooms should be decorated with a theme that captures the wonder and excitement of these special years.

We want our kids bedrooms to be a fun space, but also a place for rest and relaxation. Here are 10 ideas to transform kids bedrooms to a place for fun and rest.

Here are 10 creative themes for kids bedrooms that will amaze you!

1. Galaxy Girl 🌌

Have a cute little dreamer with eyes full of stars? Treat your twinkler to a journey through the stardust with a Galaxy Girl room.

There aren’t many things more fascinating than those star-sprinkled masterpieces in space. Luckily, the selection for galaxy-themed rooms is nearly as vast as our own Milky Way.

Choose bedding with a galaxy theme. The dark, black background and rich purples, blues, and pinks bring intense color, while the stars bring the magic.

It’s also easy to repurpose old furniture and give it galaxy style. This is accomplished by adding a base layer of black, dabbing on blues, purples, and pinks for haze, and finishing with dots of white for stars.

Up, Down, All Around

The same technique can be used on walls and ceilings for an intergalactic delight.

To really bring out your stars on furniture and walls, you can use glow-in-the-dark paint in squeeze bottles for star dots that will shine brightly when you turn out the lights.

2. Skater’s Digs

Got a budding little skater in your life? Keep them rolling with this fast and fun bedroom theme.

Use old skateboards to fashion small bookshelves and stools. You can even buy beds designed to look like skateboard ramps.

If a skate park is anything, it’s colorful. From the equipment to the personalities, there’s creative color everywhere! Use striking, bright colors for bedding and accessories.

Street Art Style

A gray or neutral background color is perfect for the walls. This provides an awesome canvas for graffiti-style painted designs, decals, and murals.

Make sure that graffiti shines on through the night by using colored glow paint. Your child doesn’t have to wait until morning to enjoy their fun designs.

3. Moonlight Over Paris

Sweet and sophisticated, a room themed after the City of Lights is a little doll’s dream.

Bring together bold, black accents and delicate pink background colors. This contrast creates a striking, yet inviting look.

Walls and bedding look magnifique in soft shades of powder pink and cream. Use pillows and wall accents with black patterns and text.

Black-painted furniture draws the eye, but so does white and cream furniture with dark decor, lamps, and accessories. Dressers and vanities will give your child storage and style.

Tasteful Lighting

Instead of traditional lighting, accent with a small chandelier and lamps with Eiffel Tower bases.

Most Paris-themed kids bedrooms focus on a glamorous feel, but leave out the romance of the city at night. For a true-to-life, sweet Paris experience, decorate with mock lamposts, either furniture or wall decal.

Wrap up the look magically with softly glowing stick-on stars on the ceiling, and suddenly your child is enjoying an evening in Paris.

4. Star Wars 👽

What little Jedi wouldn’t want to spend their time in a Star Wars themed room? Star Wars has captured the hearts of children for decades, and its popularity is still strong as ever.

Because it’s so popular, you will have endless choices for furniture and decor.

R2-D2 trash cans, Millineum Falcon-themed bookcase beds, C-3P0 figurines, and furry, brown Chewbacca rugs are only a few of the many awesome choices for stocking up Star Wars kids bedrooms.

In a Galaxy Far, Far Away

A Star Wars themed room definitely wouldn’t be right without the stars. Turn a plain ceiling into a galaxy far, far away with stick-on stars and glow-in-the-dark paint.

Need a little more Force? Make those star shine even brighter with a UV blacklight torch for an out-of-this-world nighttime glow.

5. Constellation Cove 🔭

Does your little star-gazer see pictures in the sky? Constellations have captured the imaginations of people since ancient times and they’re perfect for kids bedrooms.

Constellations drawn on walls, printed on wall art, and woven into rugs offer fun and learning opportunity. Your child will get an early introduction to mythology, art history, and astronomy.

Bedding and sheets in a constellation theme are perfect for a cozy constellation room. Most of these will be in shades of blue, gray, or black.

Pictures in the Stars

For space-saving creativity, try painting a wall with black chalkboard paint. A new constellation can be drawn and labeled every day!

For a room that enchants well after the lights are turned off, map out constellations and apply glowing adhesive dots for stars. Your child will love looking at their very own model of their favorite constellations.

6. Solar System

Our Solar System is our home in the universe, and for children, it’s really quite fascinating!

Solar system-themed kids bedrooms put a child right in the middle of a spectacular cluster of beautiful planets, moons, and a fiery, bright sun.

Decor ideas range from simple to intricate and the possibilities span for light years.

Put Fun into Orbit

The ceiling is a great place to start. A light fixture makes the perfect Sun and can be accented by painted rays. A dark painted ceiling is the backdrop for colorful planets, each orbiting the bright Sun.

Planets can be decals, hanging models, or painted on the ceiling or wall. Murals are also especially exciting for the Solar System room.

The fun doesn’t have to end when it’s dark.

Paint planets with glow paint so that the orbiting never ends. Surround them with stars and track their paths of orbit with lines drawn with squeeze-on glow paint.

7. Space Station 🚀

Your little astronaut can be the master of the Space Station with this theme.

Install a space station bed complete with controls and windows for hours of creative fun. Squeeze in an inflatable play space station or a cardboard playhouse kit.

Surround your child with stars on the walls and the ceiling for that floating-in-space feel.

Get creative! Use glow paint to decorate surfaces with planets, comets, and galaxies for a bedroom that will give them a universe of memories for years to come.

8. Gone Fishing 🎣

Kids love everything about a day on the lake or pond, or an afternoon by the river with their fishing pole. Fishing trips are even more fun after the sun sets and the stars twinkle above the water.

Kids bedrooms can easily be made to feel like a waterside spot with a few fun decorations, themed bedding, and some thoughtful color choices.

Bedding that features different fish species looks just right tucked into rustic wood bed frames. It’s even better when accented with plaids.

A Great Catch

Walls are best painted in greens and earthy browns for a natural background. Choose fishing-themed decor such as mounted fishing rods and fish plaques.

A shadow box with mounted fishing flies is an easy craft and a special touch. Also, there’s no shortage of “gone fishing” wall art to choose from. Full-wall murals of a lake or pond provide a realistic background.

Fish beneath a sea of stars with a ceiling studded with stick-on glowing orbs. Cast your rod and wait to catch sweet dreams.

9. Camping Grounds ⛺️

Bring outdoor adventures inside when designing kids bedrooms in a camping theme.

Greens, browns, and reds are go-to colors for rooms that capture the essence of a fun campground experience. Keep it outdoorsy, choosing bedding that is printed with trees, forest creatures, and campground signs.

Sleeping Under the Stars

Bed tents make bedtime and reading time a blast. The only thing that will be missing is the campfire!

The best part about camping is sleeping beneath the stars. Supply your child with a sleeping bag for comfort and let them gaze up at their very own night sky created with glowing stick-on orbs and squeeze-on paint. Make it extra fun with a bright moon created with glow-in-the-dark paint.

10. Little Galileo

Set up a stellar observatory for your special little astronomer with a sky that’s all their own.

Keep furniture simple and clutter at bay, but include eclectic pieces. Bookshelves with tiny globes and planetary model trinkets add a look of whimsy.

Be sure to include a floor-standing telescope for an authentic observatory appearance. These are both charming and educational.

Starry Night

Finish this theme beautifully with a dark ceiling covered in glowing, tiny orbs for a truly celestial experience. Surround your child with captivating, comforting stars that provide a soft light to eliminate their fears and illuminate their dreams.

Go for the Glow in Your Kids Bedrooms! 💫

Kids bedrooms are made cozy and inviting with glowing orbs, paint, and UV torches. The low light provided by these products can be helpful for children who struggle with a fear of the dark.

Gone are the days when the dark was scary. Now it’s fun!

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