Everything you need to know about Glodio Glow Paint

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Recreate sunset or dusk with our glow paint. A magical replacement for a nightlight, or a wonderful comfort for those who like some light while they sleep, this paint is easy to apply and is the perfect companion for your Star Orbs. Or, you can use the paint on its own – paint the stars yourself and get creative – galaxies, moons, graffiti in the lounge so that when your partner gets home there’s a massive glowing head on the wall, the sky is the limit! Hey that’s a great catch phrase.


How long will does it glow for?

Each glow colour has a different level of brightness and glow time.

Green: Very bright, 12hrs+
Aqua: Quite bright, 10hrs+
Blue: Somewhat dim, 4hrs+

Paint appears off-white in the daylight.

TIP: If you paint tiny dots on your ceiling, you’ll barely be able to distinguish between the different glow colours. What will stand out instead, is the different levels of brightness. So when you use different glow colours next to each other, the brightest colour will seem to leap out towards you, but the dimmer ones will fade into the background. This is how Star Artists create a 3D effect that makes it seem like some stars are closer to you, and others are further away.

What about other glow colours like red, orange and pink?

These glow colours are available, but they only glow for 15mins – 2 hours and are quite a lot more expensive. Please message us if you would like to buy these colours.

Can I mix the colours to get new glow colours?

The easy answer is no, blue + yellow will not equal green. You can get an interesting swirly pattern going on, but the glow colours won’t actually mix into each other. Why? It’s complicated. Just trust us, it doesn’t work.

How much glow paint will I need?

A litre of paint will generally cover 8sqm of surface. But if you only want to paint dots (stars) on your ceiling, you’ll need a lot less. Start with the 30mL squeeze bottles and see how you go.

Is it safe?

Yes, the glow paint is non-toxic, non-radioactive and odourless (when dry). However, this product should still be kept out of reach of children.

How long does shipping take?

Normally 3-5 working days within Australia.

What if I don’t like the paint?

100% satisfaction guarantee. If you’re not happy, please message us here

The most realistic glow-in-the-dark stars available.

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