Ultimate Sleep Aid: How Ceiling Design Can Help You Get Rest

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Sleep plays a key role in your overall health and well-being throughout your lifetime. If you aren’t getting enough sleep, your mental, physical, and emotional health can take major tolls.

If you’re a parent, making sure your child gets enough sleep is essential because it affects their support growth and development. What’s more, it affects their mood on a day to day basis which can make for a very happy or tantrum ridden twenty-four hours.

The damage from sleep deficiency can occur in something as tragic as a sudden car crash or it can raise your risk for certain health problems over time. How you or your child thinks, learns, reacts and works all depends on how well you’re sleeping.

Are you or your child having trouble sleeping? There are so many unique ceiling design ideas that can help transform your bedroom into a sleep paradise. Read on

The good news: if your child is having trouble sleeping, there are ways to soothe them into a wonderful night of rest. We’re not sleeping on the issue and have compiled a guide on how ceiling design can assist your child into the deepest R.E.M. cycle yet:

1. Dim The Ceiling Light

Perhaps you can remember childhood memories of your mother or father tucking you in at night while your nightlamp softly left a glow over your entire bedroom. The night lamp wasn’t there because your parents thought it cute. Creating an atmosphere for relaxation can be done with optimal lighting hues.

Before bed, it is essential to install lights with soft, glowing hues that will relax your child. Low wattage lights with warm hues will affect the pineal gland and increase melatonin output at bedtime. Blues and whites emulate daylight and sun, so avoid putting any bulbs in the room that mimic daylight.

Furthermore, put a dimmer switch on your child’s ceiling light. That way you can dim the light to the proper wattage as you read them a book before bed. Sometimes children can freak out a little the moment the lights go from 100% to pitch black.

Installing a dimmer on your ceiling design light can make all of the difference as you slowly introduce your child to darkness each night. When it comes to the light, choosing a dimmer is right. But you should also consider what colour you have on your child’s bedroom ceiling.

2. Ceiling Design Colour

You may be the parent that was just dying to paint your child’s bedroom in bright, playful colours that mimic your child’s bright and playful personality. Don’t do that.

While bright yellows or light blues might be great for lightening dark hallways or entryways, there are not optimal for getting your child to relax and slip into sleep quickly at night. It is important to choose calming, cool colours for your child’s bedroom ceiling design.

Choosing deep colours in the green, deep blue, or grey family will give your child a colour to gaze upon at night that will actually relax the brain as it enters their retina. Psychologists agree that these colours make us feel calm, balances and much less emotional (goodbye nighttime tantrums).

They also ease your child’s nerves and help the wavelengths of the brain even out and calm down. Interestingly enough, green is used in “green rooms” of theaters all over Broadway and television studios alike. Why? Because it calms the nerves of the performers.

Their anxious energy is quieted by the colour green. It’s the same reasons many surgeons and nurses wear scrubs in Hospitals. Go green and go home, it’ll be a relaxing evening for everyone.

3. Orb and Glow

Consider glow in the dark orbs and glow paint for your child’s ceiling design. As you customize a beautiful ceiling that emulates the night sky, your child will find hours of entertainment by simply gazing at their ceiling in the dark as they drift to sleep.

Not only will this encourage your child to get into bed and turn out the lights, it will get the main light off while still supplying some light through glow in the dark paints and stickers. Give your child a sense of security through a starry night sky as they fall asleep. As you gradually control the light stimuli, you’ll help your kiddo’s natural sleep rhythms.

It gets better: Star orbs will glow brightly for the first hour once the lights turn off, and then slowly fade out after that. If your child wakes up in the night, the stars will be dimly glowing, ready to lull your kiddo back to sleep.

There are fantastic options on the market that are free of toxins and are odourless.

4. Install A Ceiling Fan

Believe it or not, a little noise goes a long way when putting your kid to sleep. You’ve probably heard of “white noise” before. A ceiling fan acts as the perfect amount of white noise while keeping your kid nice and cool in the summer.

A ceiling fan’s light buzz can act like a soft lullaby for your child. They are cheap to operate and won’t increase your electric bill much. Paint planets or stars on it with glow paint and you’ll easily incorporate it into the outer space ceiling your kid will love.

If you are worried about allergies at all, then look for a model that has blades that are coated with nanoparticles. The nanoparticles will prevent dust buildup that naturally accumulate in most household rooms.

Sleepy Town

Getting your child quickly into sleepy town every night will leave more time for mom and dad to head to wine town downstairs. Get your child to wind down with dimmable, warm hues in their overhead ceiling light for optimal children’s room ceiling design.

Carefully consider what colour you are going to paint your child’s room. Avoid using bright colours that might keep your kid awake. Paint your child’s ceiling black, or consider shades of deep blues and greens.

Purchase the best glow in the dark paints and orbs on the market and give your child an entertaining but relaxing way to slip into sleep every night. Giving your child an in-room space center will surely get them a little more excited about hopping into bed.

With a ceiling fan that provides some natural white noise for your child, they will have the best night of sleep yet. A happy, well-rested child makes for a happy, well-rested parent.

When you’re ready to create the sleep-inclined ceiling design of your child’s dreams, contact us today!

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