Glodio StarOrbs in action

Create realistic galaxies of stars on your ceiling, for your children to fall asleep.

Your questions, answered

Everything you need to know about Glodio StarOrbs

How bright are the stars?

StarOrbs are bright enough that they will make you feel a sense of security in the dark, but not so bright that it lights up the room or will keep you awake.

Do I need to paint my ceiling black?

No – Your ceiling will fade to black in the dark, regardless of the colour. All you’ll see at night are the beautiful StarOrbs, that seem to be suspended in space.

How long do they glow for?

StarOrbs glow very brightly for the first hour, then slowly fade out after 10-12 hours. If you wake during the night, they’ll still be glowing – ready and waiting to lull you back to sleep.

Are they safe? Do they contain any nasty chemicals?

StarOrbs are non-toxic, non-radioactive and odourless, just like us.

Create galaxies of wonder on your ceiling

With StarOrbs, you can recreate where the stars were on the day your first child was born, or the night sky on that Christmas when you got that awesome bike, maybe your wedding night. Ahhhh memories.

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